Saturday, April 25, 2009

Is this much cuteness possible?

Marc's adorable Neice Manon age 5 with his boxer Asterix and The Little Monster Gwen age 3 in the back seat of the car after preschool!

Llyod and Harry!

I was on the set of Dumb and Dummer in Paris...

Excuse me miss, what's the tarte du jour?

That's the tart of the day...

UM! that sounds good, i'll have that!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

T minus 26

I must enjoy every moment I have left here, so last night I went out, and for some reason did not go to bed until 5 am. This is me and the man I aspire to be, god, I want his facial hair capabilities. And yes, I wore a baithing suit as a shirt. At the end of the night we ended up at this insanely beautiful extravigantly sized apt... the views from the balcony were amazing, and so was this surfer statue.

Back to life, Back to reality

After two weeks of traveling I arrived home yesterday and decided to bike to the beach. My ride out there was pleasant, the sun was high and very strong. I found a nice little patch of sand, derobbed and relaxed... for about 20 mins until I saw very scary rain clouds roll in. So, I got back on my bike and hit the trail. My intention was to bike as quickly as possible, however, this guy decided it was his duty to help me pass the time by talking to me and repeatedly asking me out, while i repeatedly said i have to do my home work tonight... yes, it was a Saturday. I think that's worse than if I said I had to wash my hair... I wanted to tell him his slow peddeling was a drag. But instead I was polite and dealt with him for more than an hour.

The trail to the beach passes by the biggest horse farm I have ever seen... it streches for more than a mile and has some absolutely beautiful ponies scattered through their fields.

I love Paris in the spring time

Tyler's first night in Paris we ate at a restaurant overlooking Nautre Dame, where we listened to some nice man playing piano... after we took the boat ride through the city around sunset, it was beautiful, sadly, toward the end both of us had gotten so cold we begged for it to end. I think that is my 5th time taking said boat. Maybe the 6th will be romantic...

18 miles, his parts hated it!

While Tyler and I were in Paris the weather was overcast and rainy, so when we got to Mtown and there was sun, I knew we had to leap at it. We left our bags at my house, grabbed bikes, and charged towards the beach. Unfortunately for Tyler, it was not a comfortable bike seat experience... the ride to the beach is 12 km...9 miles in each direction. It is a ride that typically takes around an hour and a half. It took us a little extra time on the way there, stopping for groinal relaxation... but when we realized how late it was, after only spending 45 mins at the beach we booked it back and made it home in 50 mins! look at us.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

the pitbull meets the pomeranian

So I got a new camera yesterday, thanks mom and dad! And with it there were some tinny little reminders that i do have the world's CUTEST dog ever!

his perfect face and his inquisitive nature!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Spring Time in Paris

Tyler is sleeping off the plane ride and it just stopped raining, here is the view from our window.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

call me Jérome!

Here is my impression of a French Hipster kid, I am with my friend Laurent. I met him because the night before he was wearing a chicago bulls flat brim hat... what's not to like?

Amendine a 18 ans!

My French sister Amendine turned 18 a few weeks back, and had the cutest soirée. It was incredible, these little 17, 18 year olds had a dinner party like adults... No keg, no stupidity, just nice wine and beautifully presented finger foods. Well, it was incredible for several reason... the first being the aforementioned well behaved youngsters, the 2nd being that the boys were cuter than anything I have ever seen! Where were they when I was 17? oh right, they were 10! There was one boy in particular that was so adorable and sweet and SMART, after chatting with him and his friends for a bit one kindly asked me how old I was, when I said 24, he replied, unabashedly, OH SHE'S TOO OLD for you! OH MY GOD! I'M OLD! ha ha. In great contrast to how the parties in the states go, the boys danced their booties off all night! Here are a few pictures of them busting a move... also a picture of me and Benedicte.

DINER du monde!

A few weeks ago, Karoi, Shova, Christy, Marc and I got together and made an international dinner... it was amazing! Shova made food from India, oh, I forgot to mention she speaks 5 languages, besides being a total babe she is beyond capable! Karoi made Japanese cakes for dessert, Marc made the most amazing crepes I have EVER tasted and I made mud pudding, as per request of Shova... she said another American girl had made it for her in the past. Incase you don't know what that is, it'
s chocolate pudding as the base, crushed oreo's as second layer, too much whipped cream as the top and then those disgusting jelly worms throughout... so it is like mud...

well, it was great! before dinner we played french pictionary, REALLY FUNNY! Christy and I totally dominated, there is nothing I take more seriously than board game competition... I blame it on my family... maybe even Tyler... I DIDN'T let you down!

Here are a few pictures of the night.

Soirée des filles!

Last week a group of 6 beautiful girls hit the town; Me, Christy (American), Shova (Nepalese), Karoi (Japanese), Benedicte (Norwegian) and Lucia (Slovakian)... an extremely diverse group and extremly beautiful! It is incredible to converse with girls from all over the world, using french as our uniter. We started our night at SHIVA, a rather expensive but so worth it Indian Restaurant at Place Antigone. First we were given a round of free drinks, we all opted for the Mango sans alcohol beverage. It was so pretty and pink! We went with two coupons, buy one meal get another free... knowing quite well that it was only one coupon per table... our waiter told us that they would make an exception for us because we brought 6 beautiful girls into their restaurant! Oh, isn't life hard?! After dinner some of us head out to Le HUIT, the only bar in Mtown that I acutally enjoy going to... the place is crawling with insanley cute skater boys! Sadly, for the past month I have had no photos of my own, because my camera was stolen, but here are a few I stole from the other girls. Benedicte is the only one missing from these photos, she will appear in my next post.