Sunday, April 5, 2009

DINER du monde!

A few weeks ago, Karoi, Shova, Christy, Marc and I got together and made an international dinner... it was amazing! Shova made food from India, oh, I forgot to mention she speaks 5 languages, besides being a total babe she is beyond capable! Karoi made Japanese cakes for dessert, Marc made the most amazing crepes I have EVER tasted and I made mud pudding, as per request of Shova... she said another American girl had made it for her in the past. Incase you don't know what that is, it'
s chocolate pudding as the base, crushed oreo's as second layer, too much whipped cream as the top and then those disgusting jelly worms throughout... so it is like mud...

well, it was great! before dinner we played french pictionary, REALLY FUNNY! Christy and I totally dominated, there is nothing I take more seriously than board game competition... I blame it on my family... maybe even Tyler... I DIDN'T let you down!

Here are a few pictures of the night.

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