Sunday, April 5, 2009

Amendine a 18 ans!

My French sister Amendine turned 18 a few weeks back, and had the cutest soirée. It was incredible, these little 17, 18 year olds had a dinner party like adults... No keg, no stupidity, just nice wine and beautifully presented finger foods. Well, it was incredible for several reason... the first being the aforementioned well behaved youngsters, the 2nd being that the boys were cuter than anything I have ever seen! Where were they when I was 17? oh right, they were 10! There was one boy in particular that was so adorable and sweet and SMART, after chatting with him and his friends for a bit one kindly asked me how old I was, when I said 24, he replied, unabashedly, OH SHE'S TOO OLD for you! OH MY GOD! I'M OLD! ha ha. In great contrast to how the parties in the states go, the boys danced their booties off all night! Here are a few pictures of them busting a move... also a picture of me and Benedicte.

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