Sunday, April 19, 2009

Back to life, Back to reality

After two weeks of traveling I arrived home yesterday and decided to bike to the beach. My ride out there was pleasant, the sun was high and very strong. I found a nice little patch of sand, derobbed and relaxed... for about 20 mins until I saw very scary rain clouds roll in. So, I got back on my bike and hit the trail. My intention was to bike as quickly as possible, however, this guy decided it was his duty to help me pass the time by talking to me and repeatedly asking me out, while i repeatedly said i have to do my home work tonight... yes, it was a Saturday. I think that's worse than if I said I had to wash my hair... I wanted to tell him his slow peddeling was a drag. But instead I was polite and dealt with him for more than an hour.

The trail to the beach passes by the biggest horse farm I have ever seen... it streches for more than a mile and has some absolutely beautiful ponies scattered through their fields.

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