Sunday, April 5, 2009

Soirée des filles!

Last week a group of 6 beautiful girls hit the town; Me, Christy (American), Shova (Nepalese), Karoi (Japanese), Benedicte (Norwegian) and Lucia (Slovakian)... an extremely diverse group and extremly beautiful! It is incredible to converse with girls from all over the world, using french as our uniter. We started our night at SHIVA, a rather expensive but so worth it Indian Restaurant at Place Antigone. First we were given a round of free drinks, we all opted for the Mango sans alcohol beverage. It was so pretty and pink! We went with two coupons, buy one meal get another free... knowing quite well that it was only one coupon per table... our waiter told us that they would make an exception for us because we brought 6 beautiful girls into their restaurant! Oh, isn't life hard?! After dinner some of us head out to Le HUIT, the only bar in Mtown that I acutally enjoy going to... the place is crawling with insanley cute skater boys! Sadly, for the past month I have had no photos of my own, because my camera was stolen, but here are a few I stole from the other girls. Benedicte is the only one missing from these photos, she will appear in my next post.

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