Sunday, January 11, 2009

Difficulty landing

Alright, today's the day (I head to the south... beaches, warm weather, guys in speedos--I recognize I needn't say more!). I have spent the last 2 days in Paris, after what some would consider a pretty bumpy flight. Firstly, we were almost denied to check in for our flight. eeek! but this wonderful woman came out of nowhere and did some sweet talking and got the gate open so that we could still go... The flight was completely sold out, so there was baggage everywhere and no room for our feet. Followed by turbulence galore! However it was well worth it! The weather here is frigid! However, I think all bad things are counterbalanced by good, i.e, the cold : the beautiful French Men my mother and I made friends with our very first night: really gross wine : dessert that never ceases to delight! (see balances!) Anyway, I created this blog so that I could keep everyone updated on said great aspects of the French Riviera. Off to catch our train. Much more to follow.

leave your jealousy at the door.

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  1. Nice Photo Choice!!! I'm so glad you've started your blog! You had better update regularly!! I Love you and miss you already! xoxox