Tuesday, January 13, 2009

l'examen orale

I am officially registered as a student at Université Paul Valéry... Montpellier lll. It was the first time I used the Tram system here, which is clean and electric, and moves ever so slowly! The group traveled together to head over to the University for the first time... Today was my first introduction to the campus and my placement exams. First, I must note that on the outside of almost every building there was a condom dispenser. SWEET, a quickie in the library is possible, i'll do some real pleasure reading. ha ha, i must laugh at my own cheekiness (real word??) So, the placement exams... I must say, I rocked the oral section!!! Right after finishing the professor told me where I placed. There are 6 levels of french, A1 A2, B1 B2, C1 C2. The A's are beginner, B1 is low intermediate, B2 is strong intermediate, C1 is advanced/superior and C2 is fluent. SHIT yeah I placed in C1. In the afternoon I took the written protion and I think I did well on that as well, I really hope I placed in C1 in that part as well. FINGERS CROSSED. Ok, how cool is this?... One of the written parts it said, "you have just arrived in a foreign country, and you are writing a blog, tell your friends all about your arrival and your new life..." I AM WRITING A BLOG!!! c'est parfait!!!

I will let everyone know how I did, sadly I don't find out until the 26th, arg.
It is now almost 12:30, and i'm exhausted, and tomorrow we are going for a 3 hour hike with the group, so alas, I must sleep. There were many other amazing aspects to this day... all which I hope to write about tomorrow... including my cute little toy of a cell phone I purchased today and the amazing indian restuarant Elizabeth and I found while getting lost and unlost and then lost again.


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  1. YEaaaaaahhhh Duuuuude!!!! Oh punkin's C1 Rules!!! Oh, I am so proud of you!!!! That is my intelligent, beautiful sister. xo