Monday, January 26, 2009


This past week I spent Tuesday through Friday in Paris with my mom for her last few days in France. It was a nice change of pace after a few really hectic and emotional days in Montpellier... Wednesday was our tour of Montmartre, three hours of winding our way up streets to Sacre Coeur and then winding back down. On our way up we stopped at a shoe store, ever in search for the perfect boots... I have yet to find! The wonderfully heinous woman inside said "Au Revoir Madame" when mom decided she didn't want the boots she tried on. Mom proceeded to take her time as I panicked and begged her to hurry out of the store, I had picked up a pair of earrings only to have one break instantly! We crossed the street and to our wondering eyes... what did we see!?!?! YES! MEN, GLORIOUS MEN! After all, it is the red light district!

After an insane fit of giggles and a lot of photos and zoomming in, we recomposed ourselves into ladies and continued to follow our map. Like always we searched for the Eiffel Tower, and there it was, with one simple side step over... We finally made it up to Sacre Coeur, it was beautiful! From the top of the hill the view was stunning. I found it so interesting that against a dark and gloomy sky two smoke stacks stood out above the rest.


  1. punkins, isn't sacre coeur awesome? The area of Montmartre you walked is so beautiful too. I do like your man poster. owwwwww. xo

  2. Oh Punkin! What a walk we did have that day! You weren't feeling too well, but it was still wonderful - and you were so adorable. Like laying on the steps leading up to the private villas - ha ha! And undressing to intertwine with the vines. Oh little punkin - I DO miss you!!! I love you!