Friday, January 16, 2009

DINNER! Confussions! and Les petits cadeaux!

Tomorrow we leave for Bordeaux, where we will spend the weekend with Autumn. Mom and I thought it best to move my things into my new room tonight so that way when we return on Sunday I will be all set. We had a wonderful and semi-leisurely dinner at the hotel before packing our things to go to my nouvelle maison. The dinner was amazing, as was the menu it self. It was one of the coolest designs ever! It also included English translations of all the meals right under every line. Now I prefer to have only French. But this menu proved to be the night's entertainment, with such great sayings as "crispy of apple" and "coffee and sweetie desserts". Mom loved it so much she took a picture. Après le diner, we packed as quickly (as slowly as we could... ha ha grampy) ok, but really, we packed as quickly as we could... and still arived to Véro's an hour behind schedule... but of course! We went down to the front desk and called a taxi while we waited and chated. We then realized it was important to know if we could use a credit card to pay the taxi or not. The nice woman at the desk then called the taxi company yet again to check, and phew... we could infact use a credit card. Ok, great, we were on our way. We arrived quickly to our destination, only to find out, that NO! you can not use foreign credit cards. MAIS MESIEUR, we do not have any money!!!! MERDE! yes, SHIT! what ever shall we do? I quickly called Elizabeth and she ran out with some money. EEEk, a grand catastrophe was avoided. So we say thank you to the taxi driver as we hand him a bundle of bills and coins and breathe a sigh of relief. First we head into Mami's house where we all relax for some tea and coffee. When the dog Natie, who is this little sausage of a thing, very old and sausagy, laid on my legs so happily, and began to lick me... strange, but YUCK what a smell did come from such a little thing. Like dead dyingly dead sausagey scents. Oh, and then what to our wondering eyes did we see... it was the left overs of that entrails mom did see in the train station in Paris.

No... ok, not really. (back to the story)

But really, it was by far the worst of all dead scents ever to be smelled! IT FOLLOWED ME ALL THE WAY HOME! The stockings I was wearing, called, they said, they want their stink free life back. Or that they wish to be burned for the benift of Mr. Kite.

Ok, after drinks and stink we headed across the st to Véro's for me to unpack. When I was finished I gave my gifts to everyone, and I was so happy to see all of their reactions. Firstly I gave Adam (who's 14) a Yankee's cap, and he was sooo happy, he jumped up and gave me a kiss instantly. Then gave Adeline her bag and shirt (cexy) and she seemed happy, although she is much more shy than Adam. We gave Véro her sweater, jewelry, and jewelry bag (the last two made by women in Guadaloupe). It was so wonderful to see how they appreciated everything and how happy Adam was about his new American hat.

We made it back to the hotel, in great spirits and ready to do our nightly ritual... ORDER ROOM SERVICE... but sadly, the stink did delay us so much that we could no longer get our crumble aux fruits rouges et du thé, the kitchen was closed!! Ooooh, NO! So now we are sitting in bed, and we must be up in 6 short hours to get dressed and pressed and ready to go for our little weekend get-away. So it must end here, Bonne Nuit, Mes Amis!



  1. hahahaha, oh punkins you do make me laugh!!!! deadly saugey deathy stinky, etc etc...ohhh you are too cute! xo

  2. looks like you are figuring it out just fine! happy birthday and I hope all is going well... -m