Monday, January 26, 2009

ma nouvelle maison

Friday, a day of insane rain mom and I ran around Paris for our last 3 hours together before she took her taxi to the airport and I took my train ride back south. When I finally made it back to Montpellier I had an amazing meal and then convinced my new family to have a "family workout session." Complete with downward facing dog, sun salutations and weights! Also... the family has a mini-pooper... dog.

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  1. I love the picture of you and Adam. He is just adorable! There is something just so sweet and charming about that boy! I think he's going to love having you as a big sister. Who is in the other photo with you - is it Liz and Adeline? All cute photos - I'm glad you're first night in your new house you were able to do something you love. I love you Punkin!