Saturday, February 7, 2009

tut tut, it looks like rain.

it has been a long time since i've been able to write... and much has happened since.. For instance, I moved homes today! I will get to that in a bit, but for now, here is an update on things that happened in between dates.

It has been raining here non stop!! I mean non-stop rain! One day when it was raining sheets of painfully cold and mean rain I took the bus after class back to my house... The bus stopped at a street corner and proceeded not to move for a few minutes. I thought nothing of it until other people on the bus started getting pissed off... well, it turns out that a car had gotten stuck in the pools of water and could not move. It was on a very narrow street that is only wide enough for one vehicle, and it's actually a two way street, that traffic lights control... so, with this car stuck in the middle, both sides of traffic were stuck. Perhaps if it was nice out I would have been upset that I was stuck on the bus... or rather I would have walked. But I was glad to have the dry shelter, despite the fact that i was completely soaked through. So eventually, People got off the bus and moved the car. Here is a photo of that!

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  1. Oh My!!!! .......and the rain rain rain came down down rushing rising rivlets.... we sure did get soaked at times, didn't we? It still looks amazingly beautiful, though. Let's see - New York and dirty, dingy, icy snow and 5 degrees????? or Montpellier - quaint winding streets, sights everywhere, great croissants, crepes, du fromage, du the, les desserts!!!!!! I think I choose ....mmmmmmm .......FRANCE!!!!!!!