Sunday, February 22, 2009

the day of JOUR

Yesterday, Claire, my host father's sister (and he said she said you said... no) took me riding. It was amazing. I am so glad I lugged my riding stuff over seas! The day was epic. First we arrive and everyone is drinking tea and eating croissants and chocolate and relaxing. We get our horse assignments and I have "jour" which means "day" in english. There are two rides of the day, the first is a Trail ride, and it was beautiful! We braked for lunch... 2 hours of lunch! I had chocolate cake, chocolate pudding, and dark chocolate bars! (I ate much more than that, but it was heaven, chocolate and horses!) In the afernoon we rode a small cross-country course. We jumped logs, fences and barrels. I felt very comfortable with Jour and may have actually fallen in love! (I still love you Russell) It just reiterated that I can't live without horses. It was only Claire's 4th time riding (her daughter that has been riding for a few years finally convinced her) and she did amazing! I hope to go as often as I can afford!

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  1. Oh Punkin! I'm sure this was one of your happiest days! I'm so glad you were able to ride! You look beautiful and sweet in your picture. Jour looks like a little sweetheart, too. ..... and your lunch?!!!! Heaven!!!!!! I love you my little rider girl!