Sunday, February 8, 2009

First Supper

Last night was my first night at Chez Christine and Didi. Dinner every night will be promptly at 8pm. Friday started the 2 week spring break for actual French students, so both the "kids" 18 (Amendine ... totally butchered the spelling of her name) and 19 (Simon) were out of the house, so dinner was just me with "mom" and "dad." It was great. An amzing and simple veggie meal with great brown rice!! We sat at the table for over two hours--Didi is hysterically funny. And then dessert was fruit. I had a pear... which I ate with a knife... however did I eat a pear before last night... how prehistoric to eat with your hands and mouth only. After dinner I gladly retired to my room for the evening and watched Real World Brooklyn... until 3 am. eeek. I just knew I was too sick to try to navigate getting to a Bar.
The weather looks nice out today, although this window eveluation can be desceptive. I think I hear wind. More to come later...


  1. ohh, they sound so great!! I'm so happy you are doing better!! you're room looks so cute!!!! I want to know everything about your new living situation. love you. xo

  2. Hello My Precious Darling

    Do you mean First Supper??? Or maybe you did mean super by the sound of it! I'm so glad that you're so happy. I love you little Punkins.