Sunday, February 22, 2009

Emil Nolde

Last Thursday I went to Musée Fabre to see the Emil Nolde exhibit. I am typically an avid museum hater,
but after seeing advertisements for his work I counted the days until it would be open. A little background information on Emil. He was born in Germany in 1887 as Emil Hansen (and would late change his name to leave behind his farmer family name). He was a supporter of the early Nazi party, but his artwork would later be banned and burned my Hitler. He died in 1956 after being given an award of honor by the German government.

I have mixed feelings of his as a person... but his artwork covers every spectrum. Going from one room to the next I couldn't believe all the works had been done by one individual. Here is a small example. My two favorite works by him could not be found on the Internet, Sadly.

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  1. Wow! He sure loved colors! I love how alive they are! Too bad his loyalties were so stupid there for awhile. It's amazing! You finally found a museum that you don't hate!