Monday, February 16, 2009

Weekend in BED! uh... Weekend in AIX!

This weekend I visited G in Aix, we had plans to go to the beach, go to his mother's, take a tour... and instead, I didn't get out of bed at all! I was like a little princess, I ate every meal in bed and I finally saw every installment of Back to the Future! Friday night G had to work and I went with him. The venue he books had a show... now, let me say, that if you thought Metal was questionable in English, wait until you see it in French. OH MY, all these guys are going around kissing eachother hello and then screaming the language of love, AMAZING, YES! So I eventually made my way to "back stage" with a balnket and slept off the show. Saturday I got out of bed at 6pm, G had to go back to the venue for a few hours, and I said, like little suzzie homemaker... ok, i will make dinner. Well, funny story... I was so hungry while waiting I first ate half a block of cheese, proceeded to just about burn his house down (cause i didn't realize there was a cover on the hot plate--note the gigantic burn in the photo) and then did NOT have dinner on the table when he got back. Sunday I stayed in bed again until 6pm, just enough time to finally shower, run to get what G calls an "emotion cookie"-soooo good it gives you emotions (it was amazing!) and make it to my train. Here are the pictures of the weekend. I have included a picutre of G inwhich I say he has only 1 thing on his brain--CHOCOLATE!


  1. OK - Beautiful! But, the smoking??? Not so much!

  2. good heavens...he is gorgeous. I think I do like the longer hair on him better than when it was short...but I can't quite remember. I hope you had a wonderful weekend, the eats sure sound good! xox

  3. Ah yes, I remember this young man.