Saturday, February 7, 2009

Here comes the SUN!

after all the rain there was finally a break with some SUN. So Christy, Elizabeth and I decided to rent some bikes and ride to the beach! Getting the bikes was the longest, craziest, most ridiculous ordeal ever! It took us over 2 hours to finally get it together, and once we started riding we discovered we did not know the route to the beach (which is 6 miles each way!) and it seemed rather dangerous to continue on the way we were going so our plans changed and we rode back into town and we navigated the little side streets and manger-ed some fromage and baguettes! Here is a picture of what I would consider my new favorite cheese and them some sights we saw.

1 comment:

  1. Please be careful on the bicycles, Punkin! One broken back is enough for all our lifetimes!!!!! The sunny pictures are just beautiful! never did make it to the beach???? Don't worry - summer's just around the corner.